Archive for June 2018

Episode 17 - Wienerclaws

This week Ryan and Don are joined by friends of the podcast Jon and Tom. Jon tells us the tale of the Enfield Monster, and we pitch a sweet TV show ab...View Details

This week Blake and Don talk about the TV show that Blake works on and then delve into the seedy world of the Mexican Goat Sucker, El Chupacabra.

Episode 15 - I Love Trash

This week, Don regales Blake with the not-at-all stupid tale of the Flatwoods Monster, AKA "Braxie." It looks real stupid. Further Reading:The Flatwoo...View Details

This week, Don and Ryan (still sans Blake) discuss some recent cryptid news and Ryan tells us the story of HIS real-life run-in with a cryptozoologist...View Details

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