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Episode 12 - Sharknado

This week we learn that those terrible Sharknado movies may be based on a real piece of folklore: the Lusca, said to roam the Blue Holes of the Caribb...View Details

This week's topic is The Surgeon's Photo, the most famous picture of the Loch Ness Monster ever taken. Spoiler alert: it's fake as hell. For your view...View Details

Episode 10 - Eyeshine

This week Don takes the helm with a special treat for Blake. He complained so much about Mothman the last few weeks that this week's topic is...Mothma...View Details

This week Blake gives us a handful of cryptids that are, much like the Beast of Busco, animals that are larger than real animals, including a giant sp...View Details

We done fucked up and posted the wrong audio file as this week's episode. Please forgive us and download this one instead.

This week we explore a topic that two of us actually have some personal experience with: phantom kangaroos, hopping around towns and cities all over t...View Details

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