Blake is on a movie again, so Don is joined by former co-host Ryan! Back again! Our subject is a Nebraska Lake monster with a very...interesting physi...View Details

Episode 103 - Get a Rope

This week, Don convinces Blake to download a bad app called Paranormal Map so he can troll the other users. And he also tells the tale of the Altamaha...View Details

Episode 102: Mammal Teeth

This week, Blake and Don review/ridicule a deeply mediocre cryptid movie: Legendary, starring Dolph Lundgren and some other people. It's free on Amazo...View Details

This week Blake brings a seriously fascinating cryptid that is in more military history books than it is cryptozoology books, by a wide margin: the Ro...View Details

Episode 100 - Nazi Monkey

This week Blake and Don are joined by special guest Garrison Davis (@hungrybowtie on Twitter) of Behind the Bastards and Uprising: A Guide from Portla...View Details

This week Don's research gets away from him, so he runs Blake through another AI Dungeon! Sorry for two so close together, but this one goes whackadoo...View Details

Episode 98 - Bigbury

This week, Blake is back! He tells us a bit about the movie he worked on and then goes into detail about the cadborosaurus, a Canadian sea monster. Al...View Details

This week Don and his friend Cameron play an AI Dungeon that begins with an Albert Ostman-inspired scenario and quickly goes sideways. And violent. An...View Details

This week, Don invites his old friend Aaron to guest host and they discuss life, the universe, and Octo-Squatch. Don and Aaron do incredibly cool scie...View Details

This week Don and special guest Jeff wax nostalgic about their shared hometown, discuss shitty rust belt economies, and then cover the Ohio Grassman, ...View Details

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