This week we talk about the new season of The Mandalorian (of course)! Then a quick DC-area cryptid, and then Blake navigates the Amazon looking for D...View Details

It's time for another Halloween special! in 2018 we told you about cryptids that legitimately creeped us out, and this year we do the same! Kind of! R...View Details

This week Blake has been digging through his collection of Time Life hardbacks...And he found the one about cryptids! We meander through the pages of ...View Details

This week, Don tells Blake the tale of the Tennessee Wildman! Which turns out to not be much of a tale, but man does the one guy who claims to have se...View Details

This week we discuss a phenomenal bigfoot horror movie called Night of the Demon! It's available on Prime Video, it has lots of cheap blood and mayhem...View Details

Episode 86 - Dutch Angles

This week we review a very bad movie that you can watch on Amazon Prime Video this very moment: Rise of the Chupacabras! Strap in, kids, cause it ain'...View Details

Episode 85 - Deli 5

This week Blake tells Don about the Monkey Man of Delhi, and we speculate about generational naming conventions in the Star Wars universe. Also, an ac...View Details

This week we are proud to present our second virtual Gen Con 2020 panel, in which we stage dramatic readings of cryptid erotica! The show is always ta...View Details

This week we are coming to you with a recording of the Facebook lifestream we did for Gen Con 2020! It's a survey of why we think cryptozoology is sil...View Details

Episode 82 - Monghost

This week Blake and Don are back to their old tricks, with the story of Gef the talking mongoose from the Isle of Man. Also, and update from the Centr...View Details

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