Episode 98 - Bigbury

This week, Blake is back! He tells us a bit about the movie he worked on and then goes into detail about the cadborosaurus, a Canadian sea monster. Al...View Details

This week Don and his friend Cameron play an AI Dungeon that begins with an Albert Ostman-inspired scenario and quickly goes sideways. And violent. An...View Details

This week, Don invites his old friend Aaron to guest host and they discuss life, the universe, and Octo-Squatch. Don and Aaron do incredibly cool scie...View Details

This week Don and special guest Jeff wax nostalgic about their shared hometown, discuss shitty rust belt economies, and then cover the Ohio Grassman, ...View Details

This week Don and special guest host Sean (Blake is still shooting a movie) discuss Star Wars (of course) and then dig into the wonderful world of the...View Details

This week, Don tells Blake all about a beast from Kentucky, the Beast of the Land Between the Lakes! It's very silly. Also, Blake has a big Hollywood ...View Details

We are back after a bit of a hiatus to learn about the agog we, an African cryptid, but mostly we talk about great ape language and cognition and the ...View Details

This week we talk about the new season of The Mandalorian (of course)! Then a quick DC-area cryptid, and then Blake navigates the Amazon looking for D...View Details

It's time for another Halloween special! in 2018 we told you about cryptids that legitimately creeped us out, and this year we do the same! Kind of! R...View Details

This week Blake has been digging through his collection of Time Life hardbacks...And he found the one about cryptids! We meander through the pages of ...View Details

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