Archive for December 2018

Blake takes the reins this week and tells us all about the Almas, one of the many purported ape-men of Asia, including a tale of one who was apparentl...View Details

Episode 40 - Fly High

Special guest Denise gives us a special Christmas-themed episode as we examine the scientific and anthropological plausibility of a very famous Christ...View Details

This week Don tells Blake and returning guest Denise about the Beast of Bray Road and just how...Mmm...Sexy it is. You know it. Don't lie. Further Rea...View Details

Episode 38 - Uma Thurmaid

This week Blake gets the order wrong and tells us about his real animal first because he's just so excited about it. But after that we learn about the...View Details

This week it's no more Bigfoot and no more politics. We're back to New Jersey as Don covers Mantis Man! ALSO: Politicians vs. Kaiju, more damn circuse...View Details

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