Who’s Who

We are three different dudes from three different states with three different performance backgrounds. Also, we like dressing up.



Blake hails from Northern Idaho and lives in Eastern Washington which means he has an uncle who has seen Bigfoot. He owns more reptiles than he is comfortable admitting to. He works in TV and occasionally does stand-up.



Don is from Indianapolis and likes Fallout a bit too much. He does science for a living, and by "does science" we mean "lights things on fire and talks about quantum physics for paying audiences."



Ryan lives in Omaha, which isn't as crappy as you probably think it is, and is a total fuckin' rockstar. He somehow convinced his bandmates to name the band "Stately Wayne Manor."

Together, we are three more wannabe-funny white guys doing a podcast. But we actually do know a lot about the cryptids we're making fun of, so that's cool.

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