This week we are coming to you with a recording of the Facebook lifestream we did for Gen Con 2020! It's a survey of why we think cryptozoology is sil...View Details

Episode 82 - Monghost

This week Blake and Don are back to their old tricks, with the story of Gef the talking mongoose from the Isle of Man. Also, and update from the Centr...View Details

Blake is back! As promised, it's time for a Blake-centric AI Dungeon, and he's on a mission from Bigfoot in...TEAM BARF TEAM ACTIVATE!

This week Blake is out of town, so Don got his blessing to invite his friend Julia to guest on the show, and he takes her on a wild ride through our o...View Details

This week Blake and Don are joined by returning guests Tom and John to discuss the Amazon Prime documentary "The Bigfoot Alien Connection Reveled." It...View Details

This week Blake and Don tear the hell out of the 2012 Asylum Films production "Bigfoot," starring Danny Bonaduce. Also, updates from the Centre for Ex...View Details

This week Blake and Don are joined by returning guest Denise to discuss the Fresno Nightcrawler, the world's creepiest pair of pants! Also, Don signs ...View Details

Episode 76 - Spocamel

This week Blake and Don offer a lake monster double feature with Ogopogo and Igopogo, Canadian lake monster with silly names. Also, they invent a smal...View Details

This week, Don and Blake discuss a couple of cryptic-adjacent weird stories: the disappearance of the USS Cyclops and Indrid Cold. Also, the dark, rac...View Details

This week Blake and Don are joined by their friend Alexe, last heard telling us about the Grootslang, and they surprise her with silly Bigfoot news. A...View Details

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